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Our history

LTD "Gelika" created on the basis of the wholesale component of the LTD "Intertich" in 2001 was the successor and continuer of Intertich LTD, in connection with the need to separate the wholesale and retail activities.

LTD "Gelika" carries a wide imports of medical supplies from the Russian Federation, making contacts with the factories of Belarus cooperates with the largest domestic manufacturer of JSC "Himfarm" enhances the enjoyment of medicines to private pharmacies and budgetary organizations RMS.

Stable growthRange of products
and geography of sales

Pharmaceutical company Gelika

LTD "Gelika" was established in November 2000. Makes it possible for the need for separation of wholesale and retail operations, based on the wholesale component of the company "Intertich". LTD "Gelika" actively works in the market of medicines in the North Kazakhstan region and country as a whole, provides wholesale supply of medicines to almost all pharmacy and medical organizations of the region, also supplies to Kokshetau, Akmola, Karaganda, Kostanai regions and Almaty.   More
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